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VELES Capital increases federal loan bond trading turnover on Moscow Exchange in November

VELES Capital showed growth in federal loan bond trading turnover excluding internal brokerage operations on Moscow Exchange in November. The total transaction volume rose 81% y-o-y to RUB 34.6 bln, up from RUB 19.1 bln in November 2018.

In addition, VELES Capital kept maintaining its leadership position in terms of corporate bond trading turnover that totaled RUB 71.7 bln in November, a 3-times increase compared to RUB 24.6 bln in 2018. As a result, the company attained the second position in the ranking.

VELES Capital was once again included in the ranking of the top 20 operators in terms of stock and unit share trading. The company’s respective indicator reached RUB 17.6 bln.

The company retained its positions among the top 10 leading operators on Moscow Exchange in terms of client transactions volume (RUB 530 bln).

The aggregate trading volume on Moscow Exchange equaled RUB 62.6 trln in November 2019, up from RUB 69.7 trln in November 2018. The stock market demonstrated the best performance jumping 59.6% y-o-y. The securities market value grew 16.4% in November to RUB 3,412.4 bln compared to RUB 2,931.5 bln a year ago. The volume of trading in stock, depositary receipts and unit shares was 59.6% higher y-o-y, an all-time high since 2011 (RUB 1,455.3 bln in November 2019 vs RUB 912.1 bln in November 2018). The volume of corporate, regional and government bond trading totaled RUB 1,957.1 bln (RUB 2,019.4 bln in November 2018). 81 bond issues worth RUB 1,553.4 bln were placed on Moscow Exchange in November, including one-day bonds worth RUB 460.3 bln.   

The detailed trading information is available on the Moscow Exchange site.

VELES Capital is one of the oldest investment companies in Russia. Dmitry Bugaenko and Alexey Gnedovsky, the founders and owners of the company, have been developing and managing the investment business since 1995. The company has been assigned the highest international credit rating among independent investment companies: BB-/B with a stable outlook by S&P, as well as RuA+  credit rating with a stable outlook by Russian agency Expert RA.


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