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Custody Services

Veles Capital provides its clients with a whole range of depositary services, including:
  • accounting and certification of rights to securities and transfer of the rights to them;
  • custody of certificates of securities and documents of depository accounting;
  • promotion of the owners and holders of securities in the realization of their rights on securities, including the right to participate in the management of a joint-stock company; the right to receive dividend, and other payments on securities;
  • receipt and transmission to the depositors information and documents relating to the securities provided by the registrar, the issuer or the another depositary.
Veles Capital takes all measures stipulated by federal laws and other normative legal acts of Russian Federation to protect the interests of depositors in cases when the issuer takes corporate actions.
The Veles Capital depositary’s high reliability is confirmed by regular surveys of the Professional Association of registrars, Transfer Agents and Depositaries (PARTAD) and reflected in professional ratings.  Based on the H1 2015 results, the Company was assigned to the Highest Reliability Group AAA of the National Depositary Reliability Rating carried out by the Foundation for Development of Financial Institutions – Infrastructure Institute (INFI)  in cooperation with PARTAD.

Moscow, Russia, 123610
12, Krasnopresnenskaya quay
entrance 7, floor 18

World Trade Center-II


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